MKTG 470 Guest Speaker: Deb Van Horn

Deb Van Horn
VP of Marketing
The Rockingham Group

In Professor Theresa B. Clarke‘s class on September 30, we had a presentation from Ms. Deb Van Horn of The Rockingham Group. Ms. Van Horn discussed different topics relevant to our Strategic Internet Marketing class, especially social media. She discussed with the class the many benefits of social media including things such as having an influence on new sales, building relationships with customers, and gaining feedback. Relationship building was a strong point that she emphasized because once you build a good relationship with a customer, this relationship can lead to retention and other customer referrals. Other benefits of social media are two way communication and awareness.

Another topic that Ms. Van Horn discussed was how to calculate engagement rates and how to compare one’s company to another. You can compare your company to other companies in the area or other companies your size. She discussed how a great way to calculate this engagement rate was through Facebook. Using Facebook, you can calculate the engagement rate by looking at how many people comment on your site and comment on your wall. One of the formulas on how to calculate the engagement rate is:  (comments + likes + wall posts)/ # of fans.

She also explained to the class some basic terms that have to deal with advertising on Facebook. She explained that total impressions were how many times a company’s ad is visible to users and and how to calculate the click through rate (clicks/impressions).  This discussion opened by eyes to different little things that companies do verify how successful their use of social media is and how they can gage what they have to do to improve.

I would like to thank Ms. Van Horn for coming to speak to our class and sharing her expertise with us. The information that I learned from this presentation was very insightful, informative, and helped spark my curiosity to learn more about social media and its effects. Thank you for your time Ms. Van Horn!


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