My Internet Marketing Experience

Now that finals are here, I have taken the time to reflect on my experience in Dr. Clarke’s MKTG 470 class. I analyzed my site’s traffic, what I have learned, and my future in internet marketing.

Website Traffic
A major concept that I learned in this class was how to drive traffic to my website.  Using a Google Analytics account, I could monitor various trends such as how many new visitors I drove to my site, how much time the average person spent on my site, and how many pages on average were viewed when my site was visited. Another piece of data that was helpful to see was through what sources different visitors were able to get to my site. Over the course of the semester, my site was view 116 times by 89 unique visitors. When these visitors came to my site they spent an average of 4mins and 16 seconds on my site and looked at an average of 2.81 pages. I was so excited to see this data because it meant that my site optimization efforts and Google Adwords campaign were pretty successful. I was amazed that I was able to drive that many people to my site and that they spent enough time to go through a few of my pages.
When analyzing the data for the content of my site, I was glad to see that the majority of my page views were of my home page and my resume page. These were two pages that I tried particularly hard optimize. I also was not surprised to find that the majority of the traffic driven to my site was through search engines; however, I discovered that 38% of my site visits were through direct traffic. I also had a decent bounce rate of 52.59%. Overall, I am very happy with the results of my traffic driving efforts.

What I Learned
Though I gained a lot of information over the course of the semester, there was one topic that I found to be the most interesting and the most insightful. This key takeaway is how much work goes into an internet ad campaign and the different strategies one must develop when. As mentioned above, during this semester, I was required to make a Google Adwords account and create different ad campaigns to try and drive traffic to my site. I had no idea how certain ads popped up in a search engine when I used it. This class showed me that to run a successful ad campaign, one must use many different keywords, keyword phrases, and misspellings in order to drive traffic and that one must be vigilant when bidding on certain words. This course opened up my eyes to what goes on “behind the scenes” of different aspects of internet marketing.

The Future
My plans for the future of my website are not going to change very much, in the sense that I am still going to use it as a way to get my name out there and drive traffic to my resume. One thing that I am going to start doing is regularly blogging about topics that are of interest to me, both within the field of marketing and outside. Having my website is a way for me to practice my search engine optimization skills that I learned in Dr. Clarke‘s class, which is a field that I want to pursue in the future. This class has sparked my interest in creating internet marketing campaigns and has also made me interested in learning more about advertising through different forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


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