My New WordPress Theme: A little touch of purple

Search no more for a new theme! A little touch of purple has it all

The name of my new WordPress Theme is A little touch of purple 1.4. I found it using the search box in the Themes menu. I originally started typing in different words that I thought would work well for a website such as “professional,” and “business.” As I searched however, I wanted to spice it up and find a theme that was on the professional side, but was still me. So I started typing in the words “fun,” “elegant,” “adventure,” and “travel.” Eventually I started playing with the different color options and clicked the purple button. Purple is my favorite color, so needless to say this theme is perfect for me. I like this theme because of the modern look that it has. It manages to be modern, elegant, and fun, while still remaining clean and professional. I like that it is not a theme that is very busy. Some of the ones that I considered had a lot more graphics and different color schemes. Though I liked them, they did not give off the right feel I wanted for my website.

When I was choosing my theme, I had trouble finding ones that included the different tabs to my pages across the top. It was a shame to find one that would work, but realize that the bulk on the content would be missing. Other things that were missing with other themes were the blogroll on the side. I consider these to be great features for a website and elected to find a theme that would allow me to keep those as well.  After picking the current theme, I did not notice any significant changes to my dashboard. It allowed me to keep my tabs to other pages and my links on the side. The only thing I noticed was that I no longer had a calendar on my homepage. I fixed this by adding the calendar widget.

Check out this link to find a new theme that is best for you!


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