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Baltimore Research

This past summer, I worked as an intern at Baltimore Research, which is a full service marketing research and consulting firm. At this facility, clients come from all over the country to do market research in the form of focus groups and interviews. Baltimore Research recruits the different respondents for their different projects and it was my job to help assist the clients while they were on-site. This job required different tasks such as monitoring digital audio and video equipment that was being used, re-screening respondents to make sure that they fit the criteria for the project they were participating in, and helping set up the observation and study rooms for the project. I enjoyed this opportunity because I was able to get some hands on experience with market research and got to meet many knowledgeable marketing professionals.

Tidewater Auctions

I have worked at Tidewater Auctions for the past two summers and work on various holidays when I am home during the school year. Tidewater Auctions is a company that deals with foreclosure auction sales of commercial and private real estate. While working at Tidewater, I was in contact with various newspapers throughout the state to help set up and cancel legal ads for the properties that were being auctions. I also did different forms of clerical work while working there that included activities such as sorting, filing, labeling, etc. It was at Tidewater that I learned the basics of how to use QuickBooks software for accounting purposes. This job gave me great experience in working with others in the office and with clients that were off-site. I got exposure to the process of how foreclosures take place and also learned valuable technical skills that I will use in the future.

Regina Pools & Spas

Regina Pools & Spas is a family owned business that specializes in swimming pool design, renovations, installations, portable spa sales, retail sales, and maintenance service. I have worked at Regina Pools & Spas every summer for the past six years. During my time working there, I have learned how to effectively deal with customers one on one by helping them find different products that fit their needs, locating parts to repairs, and assisting them with different aspects of pool and spa maintenance.  I have also become knowledgeable on water chemistry and how to test and adjust it to make sure that it is safe to swim in. This job has taught me a lot about teamwork and how to deal with customers. Customer service is a huge part of what Regina Pools & Spas offers.

Joseph L. Stefanski, CPA, PA

Joseph L. Stefanski CPA, P.A. is an accounting and business consulting firm specializing in services to closely held businesses and their owners. JLSCPA strives to maximize tax benefits by using complimentary law provisions from the business and individual tax law sections.  Since 1993, the firm has assisted clients with the implementation of accounting systems using Quickbooks software, as well as Quickbooks training.While working there, I worked as an administrative assistant. I helped with different jobs that needed to be completed around the office, whether they were daily assignments or bigger projects. I was able to develop the foundation for the company website and instruct others in the office on the technological features of it. I also continued my work with QuickBooks software by entering customer receivables. This opportunity gave me the skills to work with a smaller group of people and exposure to how things are run in the accounting world.


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